liesel.goose.plot_param(results, param, param_index=None, chain_indices=None, max_chains=5, max_lags=None, title=None, title_spacing=0.9, style='whitegrid', color_list=None, figure_size=(9, 6), legend_position=(1.2, 0.4), save_path=None)[source]#

Visualizes trace plot, density plot and autocorrelation plot of a single subparameter.

  • results (SamplingResults) – Result object of the sampling process. Must have a method get_posterior_samples() which extracts all samples from the posterior distribution.

  • param (str) – Name of a single model parameter that is contained in the plot. Must coincide with one dictionary key of the Position with the posterior samples.

  • param_index (Optional[int]) – A single index of the selected model parameter that is contained in the plot. (default: None) Selects e.g. beta[0] out of a beta parameter vector. Can be specified as an integer or as a sequence containing one integer. If None, the parameter is assumed to have only a single index.

  • chain_indices (Union[int, Sequence[int], None]) – Indices of chains for each model subparameter that are contained in the plot. (default: None) Selects e.g. chain 0 and chain 2 out of multiple chains. A single index can be specified as an integer or a sequence containing one integer. If None, all chains are included.

  • max_chains (int | None) – Upper bound how many chains are included within each subplot/facet. Avoids (default: 5) overplotting. If None, all chains contained in the results input are plotted. Always starts chain selection from the lowest chain index upwards. For selecting specific chains use the argument chain_indices.

  • max_lags (Optional[int]) – Maximum number of time lags shown on the x-axis of the autocorrelation plot. If (default: None) None, the minimum of the chain lengths and 30 is chosen.

  • title (Optional[str]) – Plot title. (default: None)

  • title_spacing (float) – Determines the margin/whitespace between the plot title (set with (default: 0.9) fig.suptitle()) and the first row of subplots/facets. Passed to the top argument of fig.subplots_adjust().

  • style (str) – Passed to the style argument of sns.set_theme(). Valid options are (default: 'whitegrid') darkgrid, whitegrid, dark, white, and ticks.

  • color_list (Optional[list[str]]) – Determines the chain colors for all three subplots. Custom colors can be passed (default: None) with a list of color strings. The length of the list must match the number of chains. If None, the default tab10 matplotlib colormap is chosen.

  • figure_size (tuple[int | float, int | float]) – Size of the entire plot grid. Passed to the figsize argument of (default: (9, 6)) plt.figure(). When changing the figure size consider changing the legend_position as well. Generally, a ratio of 3

  • legend_position (tuple[float, float]) – Determines the color legend position. Coordinates are relative to the upper (default: (1.2, 0.4)) panel within the plot grid. The first coordinate specifies the horizontal, the second coordinate the vertical position. Might require an adjustment when changing the figure_size values or the number of chains.

  • save_path (Optional[str]) – File path where the plot is saved. (default: None)

Return type: