Nodes and variables.


Obs(value[, distribution, name])

Declares an observed variable.

Param(value[, distribution, name])

Declares a parameter variable.

add_group(name, **kwargs)

Assigns the nodes and variables to a group.


Calc(function, *inputs[, _name, _needs_seed])

A calculator node.

Data(value[, _name])

A data node.

Dist(distribution, *inputs[, _name, _needs_seed])

A distribution node.

Group(name, **nodes_and_vars)

A group holds a collection of related Var and/or Node objects.

InputGroup(*inputs[, _name, _needs_seed])

A node that groups its inputs for another node.

Node(*inputs[, _name, _needs_seed])

A node of a computational graph that can cache its value.

NodeState(value, outdated[, extra])

The state of a node.

TransientCalc(function, *inputs[, _name, ...])

A transient calculator node that does not cache its value.

TransientDist(distribution, *inputs[, ...])

A transient distribution node that does not cache its value.

TransientIdentity(_input[, _name])

A transient identity node that does not cache its value.

TransientNode(*inputs[, _name, _needs_seed])

A node that does not cache its value.

Var(value[, distribution, name])

A variable in a statistical model, typically with a probability distribution.