class liesel.goose.kernel_sequence.KernelSequence(kernels)[source]#

Bases: object

Organizes a sequence of kernels.


end_epoch(prng_key, kernel_states, ...)

Called at the end of an epoch.

end_warmup(prng_key, kernel_states, ...)

Asks the kernel to inspect the warmup history and react to it.


Returns the kernel sequence

init_states(prng_key, model_state)

Creates the initial kernel state.

start_epoch(prng_key, kernel_states, ...)

Called at the beginning of an epoch.

transition(prng_key, kernel_states, ...)

Handles one transition.

tune(prng_key, kernel_states, model_state, ...)

The method can perform automatic tuning of the kernel and is called after each adaptation epoch.