Imitates the API from v0.1.


Addition(*inputs[, distribution, name])

A weak variable calculating an element-wise sum.

Bijector(_input, bijector[, inverse, ...])

A weak variable evaluating the forward() or inverse() method of a TFP bijector.

ColumnStack(*inputs[, distribution, name])

A weak variable stacking its inputs column-wise.

DesignMatrix(value[, distribution, name])

A strong variable representing a design matrix.

Hyperparameter(value[, distribution, name])

A strong variable representing a hyperparameter.

InverseLink(_input, bijector[, inverse, ...])

A weak variable representing an inverse link function.

Obs(value[, distribution, name])

Declares an observed variable.

PIT(_input[, distribution, name])

A weak variable evaluating a probability integral transform (PIT).

Param(value[, distribution, name])

Declares a parameter variable.

Parameter(value[, distribution, name])

A strong variable representing a model parameter.

Predictor(*inputs[, distribution, name])

A weak variable representing a regression predictor.

RegressionCoef(value[, distribution, name])

A strong variable representing a vector of regression coefficients.

Response(value[, distribution, name])

A strong variable representing a response vector.

Smooth(x, beta[, distribution, name])

A weak variable calculating the matrix-vector product x @ beta.

SmoothingParam(value[, distribution, name])

A strong variable representing a smoothing parameter.


PITCalc(_input[, _name, _needs_seed])

A probability integral transform (PIT) calculator node.