class, initial_step_size=1.0, da_target_accept=0.234, da_gamma=0.05, da_kappa=0.75, da_t0=10)[source]#

Bases: ModelMixin, TransitionMixin[RWKernelState, DefaultTransitionInfo]

A random walk kernel.

Uses Gaussian proposals, Metropolis-Hastings correction and dual averaging. Implements the Kernel protocol.

The kernel uses a default Metropolis-Hastings target acceptance probability of 0.234, which is optimal for a random walk sampler (in a certain sense). See Gelman et al. (1997) Weak convergence and optimal scaling of random walk Metropolis algorithms:


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end_epoch(prng_key, kernel_state, ...)

Sets the step size as found by the dual averaging algorithm.

end_warmup(prng_key, kernel_state, ...)

Currently does nothing.

init_state(prng_key, model_state)

Initializes the kernel state.

start_epoch(prng_key, kernel_state, ...)

Resets the state of the dual averaging algorithm.

tune(prng_key, kernel_state, model_state, epoch)

Currently does nothing.


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Dict of error codes and their meaning.


Kernel identifier, set by EngineBuilder


Whether this kernel needs its history for tuning.


Tuple of position keys handled by this kernel.